Abel Muiño

Who I am

A developer who knows that business value is not on my work, but on what you will achieve with the result of it.

I devoted half of my professional life to java. Now I’m in love with ruby and rails.

I’m a dreamer. A 6-year-old boy programming an Spectrum 48k. An engineer on a data integration startup. A developer at a big telco. A consultant on a banking software company. An entrepreneur learning from his mistakes. A strong believer in open source. An apple-fanboy.

Who I’m not

I’m not the average consultant you might have had to endure.

Not someone wanting to get rich fast. Not a bureaucrat. Not an interchangeable resource. Not happy if you are not happy.

Who I want to be

Someone who’s made the world a little better for someone. The founder of a company that all our clients can recommend. A good husband and even better father.